Update on the situation in Mongolia

The first case of coronavirus infection was reported in Mongolia on March 10. The patient is a French National and 57 year-old male who arrived from France via the Moscow and Ulaanbaatar flight on March 2.

March 16, three confirmed cases reported in Mongolia. Moreover, an additional case confirmed on March 17. All these infected persons arrived on the evacuation flights from South Korea and Germany, which was organized a decision of the government.

The government of Mongolia, all emergency agencies and health organizations are still working hard and operating 24 hours to preventing from the COVID 19.

Key actions from the Government of Mongolia to prevent from the COVID-19

  1. Suspensions of international flights and passenger trains has been extended until April 30
  2. Closure of air/overland border crossing between China and Mongolia since January 27 until future notice
  3. 14-day quarintine of all travelers from affected countries
  4. Government organizing evacuation flights from infected countries for Mongolian nationals under a 14-day quarintine
  5. Cancelation of public events, conferences, sports, festivals and tourism activities country wide
  6. It is assigned to penalize individuals who lied about their travel history and health information at the borders
  7. Mongolians prohibited to travel the countries affected by Covid-19 until April 30
  8. Closing the inter-provincial and local roads, train and domestic flights when it is prompted
  9. Temporary closure of all kindergarten, school and university until April 30
  10. Banned to do domestic and foreign business trips of the state organizations are until further notice

As of March 24, 2020, the number of new coronavirus infections reached 10 [all of them imported] in Mongolia.
370,418 worldwide with 15,313 dead, 101,112 recovered and infection has been detected in more than 180 countries. It is fatally rated 4.40% and recovery rate 27.27%.

Source: Montsame
Source: WHO